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i downloaded this game and my computer started not working, i couldnt close out the game, half of my files on my computer deleted, and it wouldnt delete this game no matter how much i tried. what the fuck.....

bad game thumbs down

i wrote you a theme song 

super creepy and scary

I swear I played this, but then I looked at the date, march 5th 2020, the start of the end of the world lol 

Nice PSX Full Play No Commentary 

fun cool game 


pew :D
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i just thought about litle nasty for the first time in a year and i was like, "oh no oh f*vk" and "oh sh*t"


I hate dolls and mannequins, the game is short and interesting, I look forward to even more games similar to this theme :)
My walkthrough in Russian, start with 07:29

Absolute fire beat at the beginning of this game!


I literally haven't played this game yet and I already had nightmares about him, thanks


A Nasty Little Video For A Nasty Little Man

this GAME XD. Starts at about 3:13.

Played the game just now, really enjoyed it!

Amazing game. I really enjoyed playing it. Congratulations.

GREAT GAME ! Awesome soundtrack, awesome design, so i decided to speedrun and got world record on it ! HELL YEAH ! Thanks for the great game ! 

Great Game

Amazing Music


Sound Design

Overall this game was brilliant 

Well Done!!!

I played your game! And that little man sure was nasty. Hoping that you took that "real life" nasty man home!

It is scary and funny game!

I had so much fun playing Nasty Little Man. The music is stellar and the cover screen looks so great with the PS1 cover. The death screen was hilarious with them all laughing together. All in all, I really enjoyed this one. It's the first game in the episode. Game starts at :41 (timestamps in the description)

Cool game I likes that playstation stuff :P This my Italian gameplay  

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I liked this game a lot, but I think one way that there should be a sprint button.

The game is scary, and that is obvioudly the intent, but I think that adding a sprint button can make this be reflected in the gameplay. It doesn't make sense to  just walk slowly when being followed by a bunch of nasty little men, I think most people would run in that situation. I can understand the reasoning behind not putting in a sprint button as it would make the game easier, but I think that if you also made the nasty little men go faster when this button is pressed, it wouldn't affect the gameplay. 

Adding a sprint button won't change the game itself, but I think that it will make the game feel scarier to play.

I think that adding this spring button will add an element of panic to the game that will make it overall scarier

This game was honestly fun to play and very trippy

pretty clever and cool horror game noice appeared in my third games of terror! 

The sound track is litterly the best part of the game. Please upload it to youtube.

SKIP TO 23:00!!!

Interesting idea for a game.

Fun to see how long everyone else can last. Manuevering around the little guys can make the game slightly easier at times, but it feels scary trying to move around a huge herd of them!

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is there any way of inverting the controls? - sick game btw


too short and easy imo

This is awesome! A great example of something short and simple but creepy and fun. 

From the ending, is this based on a real thing?


Your dodging skills were amazing



Those. Little. DEMONS. Those crazy. Horrible. Lunatic. DEMONS.

YOUTUBER: Maya, The Bubble E1


The beat at the end of the game got me so hype I made like a 10 sec music video for it at the end haha, I was feelin it man. The game was also pretty fun. Pretty straight forward.


i like this game

the games is pretty scary but is fun to play

loves this game


played your game in an indie romp, hope you enjoy! Why does that doll have to be real. why did you include that video. I haven't been able to sleep since


These little guys are a massive pain in the butt! Fun little game though!


renaming the project "nasty little shits" thanks for the tip

Oh you're more than welcome ;)


This Game Beat Is Fire People! (Creepy) | Nasty Little Man

This My Favorite Throwback Game So Far... I got the Ape Escape Vibes...

Great Job Devs

: )

Thank you!! Nice freestyle at the end

Thanks : )


That was a weird and stressful game. Nice job

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